Legal Notices & Disclaimers

Welcome to the Swish Funding Referral Program provided by Swish Funding, LLC, a California limited liability company ("Swish"). The following Terms and Conditions ("Terms") apply to your participation in our referral program. As a participant, when you introduce a business to Swish ("Endorsed Business"), and this business engages with Swish and is deemed a "Valid Referral" under the terms and conditions stated below, you will receive USD $500 in cash paid in the form of a check or wire transfer ("Reward") for all Valid Referrals (defined below).

1. Definitions

A. Endorsed Business: business entity that you have recommended to Swish.

B. Reward: A one-time payment of USD $500 for Valid Referrals (defined below). No subsequent Rewards will be provided for the same Endorsed Business even if it gets funded more than once.

As the participant, you must meet all of the below requirements to participate in our referral program and you agree not to engage in any commercial use of this program, including but not limited to, running advertising campaigns or bidding on Swish Funding's trademarks for any ad campaigns:

A. You must provide the necessary contact details for both you and the Endorsed Business via the Swish website.

B. If you are a current client of Swish, your account must be current and not in arrears.

A business becomes a Valid Referral when:

A. It completes all required steps in the signup process, including but not limited to, business application, contract agreement, and background checks, and the referred business gets funded through one of Swish’s funding services.

B. It engages with a service from Swish and maintains a good standing account for at least 30 days post engagement.

C. It was not previously introduced to Swish by a different participant in the referral program.

2. Terms & Conditions

Your participation in the Swish Referral Program is governed by these Terms. The Swish Referral Program is run by Swish Funding, LLC. To qualify for a Reward, Swish must classify the Endorsed Business as a Valid Referral, having met all conditions outlined above. If the Endorsed Business is successful and becomes a Valid Referral for the first time, you will earn a one-time Reward. You will be notified of the outcome of your referral submission within 30 days of the referral submission using the contact information you provided to us. If your referral does not lead to a successful engagement, no Reward will be provided.

If you successfully introduce a Valid Referral for the first time, you will receive a one-time Reward. This Reward is non-refundable and non-transferable, and will be sent to the email you provided during the referral process, within sixty (60) days of Swish starting service with your referral.

The Reward should be treated as cash. Swish is not responsible if the Reward is lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without your permission. Swish is not responsible for any malfunction of the Reward and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.

This Swish Funding Referral Program is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. Independent Sales Organizations ("ISOs") or Sales Brokers/Agents are not eligible for this program. Furthermore, you are not eligible for a Reward if you refer a business in which you have a financial interest.

You agree to comply with all applicable laws and not to engage in any fraudulent, invasive, or spamming activities. Swish reserves the right to disqualify any participant and/or revoke any Reward for misconduct or violation of these Terms.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Swish harmless from any claims, expenses, damages, judgments, and costs, including attorney's fees, arising from your participation in the Swish Referral Program, any violation of these Terms, or any commercial use of this program in violation of these Terms.

Any violation of these Terms, as determined by Swish in its sole discretion, will disqualify you from receiving the Reward.

By participating in this Swish Referral Program, you agree to these Terms and Swish's Privacy Policy at Swish reserves the right to modify these Terms without notice. Continued participation after modifications means you accept the modified Terms. If the modified Terms are not acceptable, you should stop participating in the program.

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