Small Business Loan Approvals are Tanking!
Less Than 14% Approved

Savvy Business Owners Are Finding Capital with
Alternative Funding Solutions

With the collapse of two major banks earlier this year, and a drop in loan application approvals, small business owners typically reliant on their local banks, are scrambling for other options to find the funds they need for things like expansion, payroll, equipment, and inventory.

We figured out a way to unlock up to $2 Million in small business funding for companies like yours with Fast & Easy Approvals!

Approvals for traditional small business loans are hovering around 13%, along with approval processes taking over 90 days, and usually multiple months. Even SBA loans are only approved about 50% of the time, with most approval times taking well over 90 days.

Alternative lenders that operate outside of the traditional banking system are becoming the small business owners’ secret funding tool. These alternative short-term funding arrangements offer quick approvals, less reliance on credit score, and no need for personal collateral.

Loan Approval Times

Traditional loans
90 days+
Swish Funding
48 hours

With so many choices, finding the right lender for your business is vital. Swish Funding, the small business owners’ secret funding tool, matches business owners with customized funding solutions. With one simple application, Swish Funding will aggregate multiple funding offers across hundreds of funders WITHOUT a hard credit pull.

When others say NO, Swish Funding says YES.

While Swish Funding would love to fund all businesses, we currently require at least $15k in monthly revenue, and at least 1 year in business.

Get funds in your business account in as little as 48 hours
Application takes less than 7 minutes to complete